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Amazfit T-Rex Ultra vs T-Rex 2

It’s that time of year and speculation is rife about the possible arrivals of smartwatches next year. One of the expected devices is the Amazfit T-Rex 3. The T-Rex Ultra was released in March 2023 and came with some practical upgrades compared to its predecessor. The question now is: How will Amazfit top its own game?

Known for its military durability and plethora of features, the T-Rex series offers a more budget-friendly alternative to the Apple Watch Ultra and Garmin Fenix ​​series. It’s worth noting from the outset that there have been no leaks, credible rumors or regulatory filings for the device so far. So in this article, we embark on an educated guessing game, compiling what the T-Rex 3 might bring to our wrists and its possible release date.

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The latest addition to the range, the T-Rex Ultra offers a mix of advanced features such as offline maps, music storage and diving-themed apps, all running on the sleek Zepp OS 2.0. Its price tag, a notch higher than that of the T-Rex 2, was justified by these upgrades and a more premium build. Looking ahead, T-Rex 3 appears to be a promising enigma. Will it follow in the footsteps of its predecessors and offer incremental upgrades, or will it chart a new path with cutting-edge features?

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Amazfit T-Rex 3: Possible release date

Instead of looking forward, let’s start by looking back. The original Amazfit T-Rex was launched in January 2020. This was the first device in the line and set the stage for those that followed. After that, we saw an interim release in the form of the T-Rex Pro, which landed in March 2021. Fast forward another year, and we get to the second-generation device. The Amazfit T-Rex 2 saw the light of day in May 2022. Finally, the latest device in the series, the T-Rex Ultra, was released in March 2023.

What is clear is that Zepp Health is keeping the line alive and well with frequent updates. What is not clear, however, is the future naming convention. The company appears to be moving away from numbering subsequent versions of devices. For example, the Amazfit Balance, launched a few months ago, is essentially the unreleased GTR 5. The Amazfit Edge and Edge Active are the next iterations in the GTS series.

So don’t be surprised if we don’t see a device called Amazfit T-Rex 3. Zepp Health might come up with an innovative name instead. But make no mistake – if it’s a rugged unit built for outdoor use, it will be the next addition to the range. When is this likely to decrease? We think there’s an outside chance it could land at CES 2024 at the start of the year in Las Vegas. But more likely our money is on it dropping in Q1, probably in the spring.

Amazfit T-Rex 3: Room for improvement in terms of design

Amazfit T-Rex Ultra has a design that combines robustness with a touch of elegance. While it retains almost identical dimensions to its predecessor, the model is noticeably heavier at 89 grams. It’s pretty heavy for something you’re supposed to wear on your wrist 24/7! This weight gain is attributed to its high-strength polymer casing, which is adept at protecting against drops, shocks and the elements, and is complemented by a stainless steel bezel and back panel. These elements not only improve the durability of the watch but also add a bit more premium look to its overall design.

Amazfit T-Rex Ultra vs T-Rex 2

But – the watch’s bulky design, while typical of rugged smartwatches, may not appeal to all users. A slimmer profile can make it more suitable for everyday use and less intrusive during physical activities. Using lighter materials without compromising strength could further improve the portability of the T-Rex 3. Improved scratch and impact resistance is also another possible area for improvement. To remind, the current iteration has 15 military standard certifications, ensuring robustness, and a patented mud-resistant bridge and buttons. But there is always room for improvement.

As for the screen, the T-Rex Ultra has a 1.39-inch AMOLED screen with a resolution of 454 x 454 pixels, with a brightness of up to 1000 nits. While this sounds good on paper, in reality the always-on display is too dim in bright conditions. So, in addition to increasing the diameter of the display, a further increase in clarity would be in order.

Available in two colors: Abyss Black and Sahara, the T-Rex Ultra offers a choice between classic and earthy tones. Expanding the color palette can appeal to a wider range of personal styles and preferences. More vibrant or varied color options may attract users looking for a balance between robust functionality and fashion. Complement this with easily interchangeable straps of different materials and designs – and you have something suitable for different occasions, from outdoor adventures to formal settings.

Finally, Zepp Health has just released a special eco-friendly Amazfit Balance edition. As sustainability becomes increasingly important, using recycled or eco-friendly materials in watch construction can appeal to environmentally conscious consumers.

Amazfit T-Rex 3: Speculating on features

Amazfit T-Rex Ultra excels in health and fitness functions, equipped with Huami BioTracker for heart rate, blood oxygen level and stress monitoring. It supports multiple sports modes, catering to various fitness activities. Unique to the Ultra are diving-themed apps for underwater adventures, offering tracking of depth, heart rate and oxygen saturation. Additionally, it includes health reminders and Zepp Coach, an AI-powered personal training plan tool, enhancing its usefulness for fitness enthusiasts.

Of course, the accuracy of the health metrics could be improved – and there have been complaints about the heart rate monitor on social media. Upgrading to the latest BioTracker™ 5.0 PPG biometric sensor (8PD + 2LED) would help alleviate these issues. This is the hardware that can be found on the Amazfit Balance. That watch also has a BIA Bioelectric Impedance Sensor. The technique is noteworthy for those monitoring body fat. No reason not to include it on T-Rex 3.

Amazfit T-Rex Ultra is equipped with remarkable offline features that enhance its functionality, especially in environments where connectivity is limited. Key offline features include:

  1. Offline maps: T-Rex Ultra allows users to download maps directly to the watch via the Zepp app. This feature is particularly useful for outdoor navigation, as it enables real-time tracking and navigation without the need for a connected smartphone.
  2. Offline music storage: The watch has a storage capacity of up to 2.3GB for music, allowing users to store around 270-470 MP3 songs. This feature is ideal for those who want to enjoy music during exercise or outdoor activities without carrying an additional device. However, since the watch lacks a built-in speaker, Bluetooth connectivity is required to listen via TWS earbuds.

Another addition we would like to see is contactless payments. The first Zepp Health-made watch with this feature is the Amazfit Balance. Currently, the functionality is limited and the number of banks supported is not that large. But no doubt Zepp Health will expand this over time.

Rounding off our wish list is support for the operating system ZeppOS 3. The Amazfit T-Rex Ultra has been able to run ZeppOS 2.+ since launch. The T-Rex 2 series was recently upgraded to support this version of the operating system. But it is unlikely that they will be upgraded to ZeppOS 3. So we would like to see the next iteration in the T-Rex series running on this version of the software out of the box.

Amazfit T-Rex 3: The final word

As we conclude, anticipation for the Amazfit T-Rex 3 builds on the robust foundation laid by the T-Rex Ultra. The potential for improvements in design and features is obvious. A lighter, more streamlined design could improve comfort, while expanded color choices and interchangeable straps would cater to different style preferences. Technically, the T-Rex 3 could benefit from a brighter, more visible screen, especially in sunlight, and the use of eco-friendly materials would be a nod to sustainability trends.

Functionally, the T-Rex 3 has room to grow. Improved health metric accuracy, possibly with an upgraded BioTracker sensor, and the inclusion of a BIA Bioelectric Impedance Sensor would elevate its fitness tracking capabilities. Important offline features such as map and music storage should be retained, with the addition of contactless payments for convenience. Running on the latest ZeppOS 3 would ensure a cutting edge user experience. In a market full of devices – with these improvements, the T-Rex 3 can cement its position as a solid choice for those looking for a rugged smartwatch that won’t break the bank.

Check price and availability of the Amazfit T-Rex Ultra on the Amazfit website and Amazon.

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