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Best Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Bands 2023

Set your new watch with one of the best bands you can find

Buying a new wearable is exciting, especially when it’s something as versatile as the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6. Not only do you get a whole set of features to tinker with, but you also get to customize your watch with accessories like a new band to match your style . After all, the band will be seen by everyone and should speak to your personality and, if you’re more of a dresser, go with your outfit.

By choosing one of the following best Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 bands, you can truly make the watch your own while choosing a material that may better suit how you will use the smart device. When adding new elements to your watch, consider a Galaxy Watch 6 case and screen protector. Even if you’re not that active, you’ll want to maximize protection to prevent accidental scratches, scrapes, and nicks.

  • ritche quick release tape

    Source: Ritchie

    Ritche leather strap with quick release

    Best overall

    The Ritche Quick Release Leather Band offers the timeless leather look while sporting one of the best Android smartwatches on the market. The band is made of four layers of genuine leather, including a layer of cowhide that provides good protection and structure.

  • casetify flexi tape

    Source: Casetify

    Casetify Flexi Band

    Premium choice

    When it comes to premium watch bands, it’s hard not to get excited about Casetify’s Flexi Band. This silicone-based strap comes at a premium price, but when you consider the variety of colors and patterns they have available, it’s more than worth it. You’ll also find tons of collaborations between Casetify and different brands, so you can show off our love for different franchises and more.

  • maledan silicone band

    Source: Maledan

    Maledan sports strap in silicone

    Best value

    Nothing says value like an 8-pack of strong silicone-based watch straps like the Maledan Silicone Sport Strap. Complete with different colors and multiple kits, this 8-pack is one of the best value options available for the Galaxy Watch 6. The silicone design means they’ll work hard against sweat and dust, and they’re easy to clean.

  • Supcase Unicorn Beetle Pro for Galaxy Watch 6

    Supcase Unicorn Beetle Pro for Galaxy Watch 6

    Marketed choice

    In collaboration with Supcase

    Supcase focuses on quality and durability with the Unicorn Beetle Rugged Case for Galaxy Watch 6. The case comes with a unique adjustable TPU strap designed to withstand the elements. Along with drop protection and a snap design, the case also fits your Galaxy Watch 6 comfortably with a double buckle that keeps the strap from coming off.

  • ouwegaga nylon strap

    Source: Ouwegaga

    Ouwegaga Stretchy Band

    If you’re unfamiliar with silicone, there are still some great sports options available that offer comfort and some protection against sweat and water while being easy to clean. The Ouwegaga Stretchy Band comes in a 10-pack, giving you access to several different colors, so you can mix and match with your outfit and style for the day. The stretchy design is both light and secure without being difficult to work with.

  • Pitaka Carbon Fiber Watch Band for Galaxy Watch 6 in black

    Source: Pitaka

    Pitaka Carbon Fiber Watch Band for Galaxy Watch 6

    Pitaka’s carbon fiber band for the Galaxy Watch 6 is a durable and environmentally friendly replacement for the standard watch band. The carbon fiber band has a seamless look with a magnetic buckle that blends into the band. Pitaka puts the user first with an adjustable design and detachable links that can be removed with the included tool.

  • Barton Horween Leather strap for Galaxy Watch 6 in black

    Source: Barton

    Barton Horween leather strap for Galaxy Watch 6

    A brand known for quality, Barton’s Dublin Horween leather strap may be the last strap you buy. The solid black provides an elegant style to enhance the visual appeal of your Watch 6. The Horween Leather watch band is easy to install with a sliding level and can be expanded from 5 to 8 inches.

  • wanme silicone sport band

    Source: Wanme

    Wanme silicone sports band

    This 4-pack of silicone bands from Wanme offers multiple color options, as well as multiple holes to fit into the buckle. Whether you have a large wrist or a very small one, the Wanme Silicone Sport Band makes it easy to find a size that fits you.

  • spigen-metal-band-for-galaxy-watch-6

    Source: Spigen

    Spigen Modern Fit for Galaxy Watch 6

    The Spigen Modern Fit provides a classic metal design with the expert craftsmanship that Spigen has become known for. The band easily fits your Galaxy Watch 6, and installation is simple. The buckle closure ensures your watch is secure and stable, plus it looks great with any style.

  • daqin-stretch-solo-band

    Source: DaQin

    DaQin Solo Loop Band

    $9 $12 Save $3

    The DaQin Solo Loop is made of skin-friendly nylon and was designed in multiple colors to give you a stretchy and secure band that fits perfectly every time. Because it relies on magnets to secure the band, it can fit multiple wrist sizes while still looking great. The quick tape is easy to install, so you can replace it when you need to give it a quick wash and freshen it up.

  • Delidigi Stretchy Band for Galaxy Watch 6 in three different styles

    Source: Delidigit

    Delidigi Stretchy Band for Galaxy Watch 6

    The stretch of this nylon-elastane woven Watch 6 band adds a hint of comfort to your wearable. Sized to fit wrists from 5 to 10 inches, the stretchy band is quite accommodating. Available in three colors and patterns, the band enhances the look of the Watch 6 to match your personal style. Whether you’re active or not, the nylon straps provide a comfortable fit.

  • galaxy-fabric-band-gw6

    Source: Samsung

    Samsung fabric strap for Galaxy Watch 6

    Samsung’s first-party fabric band for the Galaxy Watch 6 offers a one-click attachment and a comfortable material for 24/7 comfort. Choose from black, lavender and a selection of other colours, making it easy to find one to suit your style any day of the week. The reflective yarn used in the band makes it easy to spot even at night.

  • xfyele nylon strap

    Source: XFYELE

    XFYELE Sports strap in nylon

    10 USD $13 Save $3

    The XFYELE Nylon Sport Strap offers a similar design to the DaQin, but it comes in a handy 3-pack with multiple colors. The material is extremely breathable, which means you can wear it without worrying too much about sweat collecting under your watch band. It’s also very affordable, especially considering you get three tapes in the pack.

  • kitway-magnetic-band-for-galaxy-watch-6

    Source: Kitway

    Kitway Magnetic Sports Band for Galaxy Watch 6

    $8 $9 Save $1

    Kitway Magnetic Sports Band for Galaxy Watch 6 offers a secure buckle that is easy to connect. The design is comfortable and stylish, and while it doesn’t offer the brightest feel, the Kitway Magnetic Sports Band is everything you could ask for in a silicone band, especially if you don’t want to deal with classic metal buckles.

  • anrir-stainless-steel-mesh-band

    Source: Anrir

    Anrir mesh band in stainless steel

    Metal watches used to be all the rage, and Anrir’s stainless steel mesh band offers a classic metal look without skimping on quality. It’s also very affordable, making it a great option for those who want to look classier while wearing their Galaxy Watch 6.

  • Geek watch5

    Source: Geeks

    Geek narrow band

    If you think the standard straps offered for the Galaxy Watch 6 are a little too much, you can always opt for a slimmer option like the Geak Silicone Band. This band offers a much smaller option that is both lightweight and comfortable. You also get four bands in one package, making it a great deal too.

A band that satisfies all needs

There are still quite a few options when it comes to a new Galaxy Watch 6 band, but there are three standout choices you should definitely consider. My top overall pick is a stylish addition to this collection, with Ritche supplying a premium leather strap with quick installation. With a timeless leather look, the band elevates the Galaxy Watch 6 from a simple wearable to an elegant timepiece.

Casetify rightfully lands on my top choice spot with the Flexi Band, a high-end flexible band made from a long-lasting silicone-based material. As expected with Casetify, the band is available in a variety of colors and patterns to satisfy your personal preferences. It may come at a premium price, but it’s a strap that can be with you for quite some time if you want it to be.

If you’re looking to stock up on straps and don’t want to spend a lot, there’s always Maledan’s Silikon Spor straps. Available in a pack of 8, the silicone-based watch band gives you options without breaking the bank. Switch colors to match your style that day, or simply wear them until you need to change to get the most out of the cheap multipack.

Remember, along with a new band, you should consider a case and screen protector. Although Samsung’s Sapphire Crystal Glass is durable and can withstand daily use, there are several reasons why you don’t want to leave the watch face bare. Chief among them is protection, of course, but if that’s not enough to justify a case, consider how a case can minimize false touches or further enhance the look of your new wearable.

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