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Best Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic Accessories 2023

Accessorize your Galaxy Watch 6 Classic like a pro

It’s been a good year for wearables, with many contenders for the best Android smartwatch. One such contender is the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic, which brings back the beloved rotating bezel after its absence from last year’s Galaxy Watch 5 Pro. It’s a big upgrade aside from the bezel, though, with an all-new chip that runs through Wear OS with ease.

A smartwatch is an accessory in itself, so why would you want an accessory for your accessory? Well, smartwatch accessories have grown in popularity and variety recently, from cases to new watch bands. We’ve covered these categories in depth before, but here we’ll take a broader approach. From the straps and cases we mentioned to earbuds and chargers, these are the twelve best accessories we’ve found for the Watch 6 Classic.

  • tensea screen protector galaxy watch 6 classic

    Source: Tensea

    Tensea Screen Protector Pack

    Best overall

    This screen protector multipack is designed specifically for the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic to provide unfettered access to your screen while protecting your smartwatch’s delicate display. The package comes with a total of 5 HD fog shields, as well as five bumpers, which you can place around the smartwatch to protect it from bumps and scratches.

  • Samsung Galaxy Buds 2

    Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pro

    Premium choice

    185 USD 230 USD Save $45

    Galaxy Buds 2 Pro is one of the best accessories you can buy for your Galaxy Watch 6 Classic. That’s because these earbuds pair seamlessly with the watch and let you control your music right from your wrist. This is especially useful if you love working out to music.

  • DaQin Watch5 bands depicted with the watch in a rainbow of colors

    Source: DaQin

    DaQin Soft Silicone Sports Pack

    Best value

    18 USD 20 USD Save $2

    If you want to add some flair to your Galaxy Watch 6 Classic, the DaQin Soft silicone sports case gives you many options. The bands are also all made of soft silicone, so you can easily wash and keep them clean. And since there are so many colors, they will work with any outfit.

  • NeotrixQI 3-in-1 wireless charging dock with Samsung Galaxy devices

    NeotrixQI 3-in-1 wireless charging dock

    Best multidevice charger

    40 USD 46 USD Save $6

    If you have a whole suite of Samsung devices, you want a charger that can handle them all at once. NeotrixQI’s 3-in-1 wireless charger can keep your Galaxy Watch 6 Classic powered while charging most Galaxy phones and Buds. A USB-C cable powers the wireless charger, which features a clock and easy-to-read charging indicators. Never be without a fully powered Samsung Galaxy device again by switching to the fast-charging 3-in-1 station.

  • Suoman 4-Pack Privacy Screen Protector is installed

    Suoman Tempered Glass Privacy Screen for Galaxy Watch 6

    The Suoman tempered glass display makes the screen of your Galaxy Watch 6 Classic invisible at an angle, preventing prying eyes from seeing your incoming messages, emails and more. There are four 2.5D 9H tempered glass screen protectors, each tough enough to withstand daily use and prevent damage. Protect your privacy and your watch with these durable 47mm or 43mm screen protectors.

  • A rendering of a pair of earrings.

    Source: Jabra

    Jabra Elite 4

    The Jabra Elite 4 is a great set of mid-range true wireless earbuds that offer handy features like Fast Pair and Bluetooth multipoint for under $100. They also come with active noise cancellation, making them a great accessory to add to your Watch 6 Classic for exercise and commuting.

  • GoldToLuck metal band in black for Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic

    GoldToLuck Metal Band for Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic

    19 USD 20 USD Save $1

    There is a touch of elegance with metal watch bands, and GoldToLuck’s classic solid stainless steel options have a good look. Available in black, silver and silver with gold trim, the watch band allows you to customize your Galaxy Watch 6 Classic even more. Compatible with both 43mm and 47mm watches, the metal band comes with a link removal tool so you can adjust how the band fits on your wrist.

  • elago-watch-6-classic stand

    Source: Elago

    Elago GW6 Classic Stand

    The Elago Galaxy Watch 6 Classic Stand offers a vertical charging setup for your Watch 6 Classic. The watch’s base charger simply clicks into the stand, allowing you to place the watch in it, giving it the appearance of a bedside alarm clock.

  • spigen rugged armor pro case for galaxy watch 6 classic

    Source: Spigen

    Spigen Rugged Armor Pro for Galaxy Watch 6 Classic

    A name known for quality, Spigen delivers a reliable protective case for the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic with Rugged Armor Pro. The case is shock, drop and scratch resistant and is designed with raised edges for extra screen protection. Whether you have a 47mm or 43mm watch, the Rugged Armor Pro case gives you peace of mind and helps ensure an extended lifespan for the premium wearable without hindering any of its functionality.

  • Olytop leather straps 2-pack, brown and black straps in the picture at an angle

    Source: Olytop

    Olytop leather strap 2-pack

    Equip your Galaxy Watch 6 Classic with a black or leather band from Olytop to give it that classic watch style. Stitched edges mean less chafing, and the double pack means you don’t have to choose between a brown or black leather strap. Choosing between the two is pointless when you can have both.

  • Amanecer Bezel for Galaxy Watch 6 Classic installed on green screen

    Amanecer Bezel Ring for Galaxy Watch 6 Classic

    Available for the 43mm and 47mm Galaxy Watch 6 Classic, this bezel ring serves a dual purpose. First, it easily attaches to the watch’s rotating bezel and protects it with a scratch-resistant stainless steel finish. Once firmly in place, the matte bezel ring also enhances the look of the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic, making it look more like a traditional watch with a premium touch and precise 12 scale.

  • Doeboe portable wireless charger with a Samsung Galaxy Watch charge

    Doeboe portable charger for Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic

    Your Galaxy Watch 6 Classic is sure to go everywhere. Shouldn’t you also have a charger that can do the same to keep your laptop powered? If you’re worried about running the battery dry on your smartwatch, Doeboe’s USB-C Portable Wireless Charger is a convenient option. The charger has a 1400mAh battery that can keep your Galaxy Watch 6 Classic charged even when you are not near a contact.

How to best accessorize your Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic

There are a number of different accessories that you can pair with your Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic. To choose the right accessory, you need to consider how you will use your watch. You wouldn’t put all-terrain tires on a car that doesn’t go off-road. Similarly, you probably won’t need a portable watch charger unless you often go away for long periods of time without access to a regular charger.

Something that the majority of users want is to keep their screen looking fresh for years to come, and the best way to do that is with a screen protector. Tensea’s screen protector pack is an excellent choice, as it contains anti-fog layers to ensure that the watch face remains readable while protected.

Whether you want to spend the day listening to your favorite music or need to make some important calls, our premium choice, Samsung’s Galaxy Buds 2 Pro, is a must-have. Dolby Atmos delivers a 360-degree sound experience, enhanced by active noise reduction and 24-bit Hi-Fi sound quality. The charging buds are indeed an important connection for any Samsung Galaxy device, and it is the same here. The Galaxy Watch 6 Classic comes preloaded with the Galaxy Buds app, so you can control the battery and enable or disable noise reduction, transparency mode and touch control from your watch, whether the buds are connected to your phone or the watch directly.

The Buds Pro 2 may be a pricey peripheral for your wearable, but our affordable pick is both cheap and, for many users, essential. The DaQin Soft Silicone Sports Pack comes with ten colorful silicone bands designed to replace the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic’s standard band. Along with adding a touch of style to your wearable, the sweat and water resistant, flexible silicone transforms your smartwatch into a fitness watch.

Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 6 Classic is a gorgeous device in its own right. But in combination with the right accessories, it can offer a completely different (and better) experience. With any of the add-ons in this “best of” collection, you’ll do your laptop justice and enhance an already great Samsung device.

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