Chocolatey Strawberry Vegan Tart

A mixture of chocolate and strawberry is one that everybody should try at least once in their life. For this recipe, the
chocolatey strawberry tart infuses a mix of both and leaves you with a lingering refreshing taste.
Preparation time: 1 day
Serves: 2
1/2 cup of canola oil
1 tbsp of cocoa powder
10g of hazelnut extract
1 cup of maple syrup
1/2 tsp of salt
40g of mashed strawberry
90g of strawberry chocolate cookie
Prepare the crust by crushing the cookies and mixing it with oil until it becomes a paste.
Pour the mix into a tart pan and ensure you compress it so it freezes properly.
To make the filling, you need to pulse the remaining ingredients inside a food processor until it’s smooth and silky.
Now, fill the crust that has been refrigerated with the mix from the processor.
Return the tart into the refrigerator and allow it to freeze overnight.
The next day, the chocolatey strawberry tart is ready to be served.

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