By | November 13, 2023
How Edge Computing is Driving Change in the Everyday Revolution - Spiceworks

Discover the transformative potential of edge computing in everyday life. In this insightful piece by Vito Savino of OmniOn Power, explore how this technology is revolutionizing consumer experiences.

Enterprises across multiple industries are turning to high-performance edge computing to meet the demand for processing locally sourced digital data to drive accurate, real-time decision making. Technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning require powerful computing, typically housed in data centers or the cloud, to get to the edge.

Global enterprise and service provider spending on edge computing is on track to reach $208 billion this year (2023), according to research from IDC. That’s up more than 13% from just a year ago, and growth is predicted to reach nearly $317 billion by 2026.

Use cases have included autonomous vehicles, autonomous warehouses that use robots to perform tasks, and military applications such as targeting software on unmanned drones that rely on large amounts of sensor information. In healthcare, edge computing is being used to help make telehealth and robotic surgery in remote areas a reality.

Edge computing is increasingly emerging from the edge to help drive the data and speed demands of many consumer applications. A few 19 industriesOpens a new window