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How threads work

Just joined threads, but not sure how to use it? Don’t sweat; we have a handy guide on how to use Threads for beginners.

Meta launched Threads earlier this year with ambitions to compete with Elon Musk-led X (formerly Twitter). The social media platform shares some of its features with Instagram but it can be confusing to use if you’re new.

The good news is that Threads is actually pretty easy to use once you get the hang of it. You don’t have to become an expert right away. Just start slow, follow your friends and share what you post on other social media apps.

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This guide walks you through the basics, like setting up your profile, finding contacts, posting text and images, and more.

Although some features are still missing or limited, Thread’s core social networking features are very easy to understand. So go ahead, get comfortable with the interface and don’t worry about becoming an expert right away. You’ll be a Threads pro in no time.

How to create a Threads account


Once you’ve downloaded the Threads app on your phone, you can easily set up your account on this new Twitter alternative.

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If you are an existing Instagram user with your Instagram account logged in on the same phone, Threads will automatically use your Instagram credentials to log in to Threads.

You will be given an option to sign in with your default Instagram account during the registration process. If you want to use a different account, you can do so by clicking “Change Account” at the bottom of the screen.

Once you’ve selected the Instagram account to sign up for Threads, you’ll need to confirm your profile details. You cannot change your username on the threads themselves, as it is taken from your Instagram account. To change your username on threads, you need to change your Instagram username.

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Next you need to enter your bio and can also add important links like your website or links to other social media handles. If you’re a lazy person like me, you can automatically fill in these details from Instagram directly by clicking “Import from Instagram.” This move also syncs your display photo from your Instagram profile.

Types of profiles on threadsDexerto

Click “Continue” to the next page, where you can decide whether you want to keep your profile public or private. Content shared on a public profile will be visible to everyone and allow them to interact with your posts. If you want to limit your profile and content visibility, choose Private profile, which allows only your approved followers to see, share or interact with your content.

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The next page will show you the list of accounts you follow on Instagram and allow you to quickly follow them. If your friends have not yet joined threads and you click follow, your request will remain dormant. You automatically start following them when they join threads. You can follow all of these accounts by clicking “Follow All” at the bottom or tap the next arrow in the upper right corner to go to the next screen.

Tap Join Threads at the bottom to complete the thread registration process.

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Remember that if your Instagram account is verified, you can only change your profile picture on Instagram. A verification badge will also appear automatically with your Threads profile information.

How to Import Instagram Followers to Threads

You can’t bulk import your Instagram followers into threads now. However, they can follow you when they join threads.

This process works the same way when you join and follow your Instagram friends on threads. But here you have an option to follow all your friends or manually select the ones you want to follow.

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How to edit your profile on threads

How to edit your profile on threadsDexerto

To change your profile information, click the human icon at the bottom right of the app. This will take you to your profile page.

You can click the “Edit Profile” button to update your bio, add links, remove or add a profile picture, or even import one from Instagram. As mentioned above, Threads does not allow you to change your profile name yet.

The profile page also has a quick link to take you to Instagram and two buttons to adjust app settings. You can also see all the threads you’ve posted and the replies you’ve shared.

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How to post in threads

How to post in threadsDexerto

Unlike Instagram, Threads is a testing platform heavily “inspired” by Twitter. This also means creating a message and posting, reacting to a post, commenting on it and even quoting posts. Although we’re not sure what the slang is for posting a text update on threads yet. You definitely can’t tweet on threads.

To post a message, click the “Draft” icon in the bottom center and start typing. You can post threads of up to 500 characters. Threads also allow you to add images and videos to a post.

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From now on, you cannot edit a thread that you have already posted. However, you can limit who can reply to your post or hide the number of likes even after you share a post.

You can also tag your friends in a post by mentioning their handle.

Can you share GIFs on threads?

Currently, Threads does not have a built-in GIF keyboard like Twitter. However, if the keyboard you’re using on your phone offers GIFs, you can insert them into a post or reply.

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We recommend Google Keyboard on iOS and Android for this, although there are other options. Hopefully Meta can add GIFs natively to the app in the coming days.

Alternatively, you can download a GIF and manually share it on threads. Here’s how to do it:

  • Launch the Threads app on your phone
  • Start a new thread
  • Tap the paperclip icon to open your device’s gallery
  • Find and select GIF
  • Tap “Post” to share the GIF on threads

Since the app is in its early days, you may encounter problems when sharing GIFs. You may need to try a few times as the Threads app may crash when sharing GIFs, videos or images.

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Do Hashtags Work on Threads?

Threads do not currently support hashtags. Although hashtags are important for making posts go viral on Twitter, using hashtags on your thread post will do little good.

Although Threads allows you to use hashtags in a post, these are not clickable or sufficient for your post. The platform may implement hashtags soon. But there has not yet been a definite timeline.

How to respond to threads

Types of reactions to a thread postDexerto

You can react to the thread in three different ways. You can click the heart icon to like a post, or you can post a relevant comment in the thread. To report the content, click the double arrow icon below the post, which is the same as the retweet icon on Twitter.

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Doing so gives you two options – repost the thread or quote it with additional comments.

If you like to share the thread, you can use the share button, which allows you to share the post as a story on your Instagram profile with thread background.

You can also post the thread to your Instagram feed, copy the link for sharing, or post it manually on another platform. The last option in the share menu allows you to share the link using third-party messaging apps such as WhatsApp, SMS or email.

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This is how you follow your friends on threads

In the lower navigation bar you have a search icon. Tap it to go to the search page, where you can search for people by their name or Instagram profile.

You can also search for your favorite YouTubers, sports stars, celebrities and other users to follow them. Threads also show the number of followers of a particular account.

Can you use multiple accounts on threads

Unfortunately, Threads only allows you to log in with a single account. While it may be possible to log in with multiple accounts on Threads in the future, at the time of writing this article you can only sign up with one account at a time. You can’t change profiles either.

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The best solution here is to log out and log in with a different account.

How to display the Threads badge on Instagram

How to display the Threads badge on InstagramDexerto

As soon as you join Threads, Instagram automatically adds a Threads badge to all user accounts. This badge is located on the Instagram profile page just below your profile picture. But if you don’t want it to be visible in the profile, you can hide it by following the process below. Be warned that once you hide the badge, you cannot restore it, and it will be permanently removed from your profile.

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  • Press the thread mark
  • Tap “Hide Badge”
  • Confirm the removal by clicking “Remove Mark”

However, Instagram says this is a temporary badge to inform your followers and friends that you’ve joined threads. It also acts as a shortcut to your thread profile. In all honesty, since Instagram has said it’s temporary, it might be removed from your profile soon.

How to edit threads

Unfortunately, Meta does not allow users to edit a thread once it has been posted. All you can do is remove and re-upload it after making the necessary corrections.

Although Twitter recently added the edit button, it is only available to Twitter Blue subscribers. That said, Meta may come with the option to edit threads earlier than Twitter introduced it; but until then we can only wait.

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Can you join threads without an Instagram account?

Thread app login screen on a smartphoneDexerto

Threads is a standalone app that can be downloaded from the Play Store or the App Store, depending on which smartphone you have. However, the only way to log into this application is through your Instagram account.

There is no other way to create an account on Threads at this time.

How to delete your Threads account without deleting your Instagram

Your Threads profile is linked to your Instagram, and previously if you wanted to delete your Threads account, you couldn’t do so without also deleting your Instagram account.

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However, this is no longer the case. You can now delete your Threads account without affecting your Instagram account. How to use.

  • Tap your profile picture in the bottom right to open your profile.
  • Select the menu at the top right.
  • Tap Account and select Deactivate or Delete Profile.
  • Select the Delete Profile option at the bottom.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions, then tap Remove thread profile.

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