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Welcome to the cutting edge of VR! Have you got your hands on a Quest 3? Well, this is not only one of the best VR headsets out there, it’s a gateway to an incredible MR experience.

So why is MRI such a big deal? Mission 3? Well, MR lets you bring these games to life right where you are. It’s like having a personal arcade where your furniture becomes part of the landscape. The Mission 3The MR features offer a new way to merge your physical space with virtual environments, enhancing the overall gaming experience with a different kind of immersion. You might be wondering “Is it really that impressive?” Let me tell you, it’s something you have to see to believe. The Mission 3The MR capability is turning heads and has quickly become a major selling point for Meta. So why not dive in and see what all the fuss is about? Let’s explore some of the best MR games at Mission 3.


The best MR games on the way Mission 3 year 2024


Award: $43.58
For more on Demeo, check it out in the Meta Quest Store

If you have Mission 3 and still haven’t checked out Demeo, you’re totally missing out! Demeo is a tabletop strategy game, much like Dungeons & Dragons but much easier to get into. You get to fight monsters, roll dice, and team up with friends in various adventures. The game features five unique adventures, each with its own unique atmosphere. And there’s this cool MR mode where the game literally takes place in your living room, bringing a whole new level of immersion. Whether you’re playing solo or with friends, Demeo is a great choice for fun fantasy games.

Demeo battles

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Award: $21.79
For more on Demeo Battles, check it out in the Meta Quest Store

If you have one Mission 3 and are interested in strategy games, you must try Demeo Battles! It’s an exciting turn-based PvP game where players strategically use over 30 unique creatures, such as goblins and slimes, to outwit and battle each other on different maps. You can choose from different classes and build your deck with tons of cards. The coolest part? It has this MR mode that turns your room into a battlefield. It’s perfect for fast, intense matches with friends or even solo play. Super fun for a little friendly competition. Definitely worth a try if you like strategic battles and VR games!

Synth rider

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Award: $27.24
For more on Synth Riders, check it out in the Meta Quest Store

So, have you heard about the Synth Riders MR Update? Imagine a game that is all about music, dancing and staying fit. Synth Riders has it covered with over 68 different songs and it even lets you play with up to 10 friends, no matter what platform they’re on. The best part? You can tailor it to your style with features like custom songs. Now get ready for the real magic of the MR update. It’s like your room turns into a part of the game! You will capture notes, slide along rails and avoid obstacles right where you are. It’s not only super immersive, but also a great way to get a full body workout while having fun. How cool is that for mixing fitness with gaming?

Exhale 2

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Award: $32.68
For more on Espire 2, check it out in the Meta Quest Store

Oh, have you checked out the Espire 2 yet Mission 3? It’s this VR first-person shooter where you get to be a stealth operator. The cool part? You can either play solo or with a friend in co-op mode. The game is about stopping this terrorist group OPHIS and you have these cool gadgets and realistic weapons to help you. Additionally, each robot frame you control has its own special powers. But here’s the kicker: there have been added to these MR quests that literally turn your room into a part of the game, especially with Meta Quest 3’s improved graphics. It’s like you’re actually in these tense stealth missions. And if you like a little competition, you can score high against players around the world. Definitely a must-try if you like VR games and have it Mission 3!

Drop Dead: The Cabin

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Award: $27.24
For more on Drop Dead: The Cabin, check it out in the Meta Quest Store

Have you ever tried the game Drop Dead: The Cabin on Meta Mission 3? It is this intense zombie survival game where you fight against these crazy lab experiment zombies. The coolest part is the Home Invasion MR mode: it literally brings zombies into your room! You can play solo or with a friend in co-op, level up and arm yourself with all kinds of weapons. Every time you get knocked down, you come back stronger. It’s super immersive, especially with Mission 3s improved graphics. If you like heart-racing, zombie-killing action, this is definitely a game to check out!


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Award: $16.34
For more on Bam, check it out on the Meta Quest Store. Enter Bam, an exciting multiplayer battle game optimized for Mission 3. Bam is an MR game where you control a mini robot in cool, colorful arenas. You can set it anywhere, making your room part of the game! It has this neat mix of fast-paced boxing and jetpack flying, with unique third-person shooting mechanics. Super easy to snap on and it looks amazing. Whether you’re playing against bots or people from around the world, it’s awesome and perfect for all ages. Definitely a fun way to dive into MR games!

Dragon Front Rising

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For Mission 3s mixed reality features, check out the trailer in Meta’s listing

Award: $21.79
For more on Dragon Front Rising, check it out in the Meta Quest Store

Dragon Front Rising is an epic card combat game where high fantasy meets World War II. You get to build your deck from over 500 cards and choose from 7 unique factions, each with their own cool powers. Also, there’s this Champion System that makes the end of every game super intense. The best part? On Mission 3, everything is in MR, so you feel like you are right in the center of the action. You can battle friends online or test your skills in Conquest mode against the AI. It’s a whole new way to experience card games – super immersive and a lot of fun!

Yuki Space Ranger

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Award: $21.79
For more on Yuki Space Ranger, check it out in the Meta Quest Store

Yuki is an electrifying space shooter for Mission 3, which offers a high-energy, immersive MR experience. The game is about dodging and fighting space monsters and you have to be smart with your power-ups to beat each wave. The cool part is the MRcade mode in MR. It turns your entire room into a battlefield with challenges from all sides. In addition, there is a Patrol mode and an Endless mode where you can collect points for the global leaderboard. It’s absolutely amazing and really gets you moving! Perfect if you like fast, immersive games.


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Award: $10.89
For more on PianoVision, check it out in the Meta Quest Store

Do you want to learn piano? You should check out PianoVision at Mission 3. It’s a cool VR app to learn piano with MR. You can connect a MIDI keyboard or just use the built-in virtual keyboard on a flat surface. It has tons of songs to learn, but just a note: if you’re using the virtual keyboard, it’s a little different than a real piano, so you might want to adjust your expectations a bit. Still, it’s a really fun and innovative way to start learning piano in VR!

Wallace & Gromit in The Grand Getaway VR Adventure and Jamtastic!

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Award: $14.16
For more on Wallace & Gromit in The Grand Getaway VR Adventure and Jamtastic!, check it out on the Meta Quest Store

Are you ready for the latest adventure with Britain’s favorite duo, Wallace and Gromit? It is now available at Mission 3 and it’s about stepping into their quirky world, from their cozy home on West Wallaby Street to the great outdoors. The game has this amazing MR mode, Jamtastic, where you are a part of Wallace’s crazy inventions, right in your own living room. With 30 levels and tons of mini-games, it sounds like a lot of fun. It’s definitely a must for fans of Wallace and Gromit, especially if you love immersive, family-friendly VR experiences!

The best MR games are coming to Quest 3 in 2024


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Award: $19.61

Issue date: 25 January 2024
For more on Demeter, check it out in the Meta Quest Store
Have you heard about the upcoming game Demeter for the Mission 3? It is supposed to be released on January 25, 2024 and it sounds really impressive! It’s an MR platform game where you help this character, Atalante, from the planet Demeter, right in your own living room. The game adapts to your space and while we haven’t played it yet because it’s not out, the buzz is that it’s going to be something special with its immersive puzzles and decision-making that affects the game world. Really can’t wait to see how it turns our living rooms into an alien planet!

Track craft

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Award: $21.79

Upcoming release dates for new features: 2024
For more on Track Craft, check it out in the Meta Quest Store

Track Craft appears to be a game where you get to race toy cars around tracks you create in your own home! It’s super nostalgic, like those old toy highways, but mixed with cool VR technology. There are different packs with unique cars and the game has over 50 levels to race through. Plus, with Mission 3, the MR mode makes it feel like the track is actually in your room. It’s like bringing your childhood racing fantasies to life in VR!

Just a message: The game is already here and available! While you dive into its current immersive world, keep an eye out for 2024, which is when a slew of exciting new features will be released, promising to further enhance your experience. Watch out!

Micro Machines: Mini Challenge Mayhem

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Award: $16.34

Issue date: 4 January 2024
For more on Micro Machines: Mini Challenge Mayhem, check it out in the Meta Quest Store

Are you guys excited about the new micro racing game that is coming Mission 3 on January 4, 2024? It has this cool Hot Wheels vibe, just like Track Craft. You can build these wild courses anywhere using MR, think racing across your couch or around your coffee table! Also, if you pre-order, this stunning silver car is available with insanely good speed and handling. You can even modify your cars for better racing and stunts. It’s not out yet, but you can add it to your wishlist. I’m definitely looking forward to building some crazy tracks and racing those micro machines. It will be so fun!

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