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Intelligence for Good pursues justice for victims of Internet-enabled crimes

Built on over a decade of research and intelligence on online fraud and fraudsters, the newly launched non-profit organization will ensure that criminals receive the attention from our justice system that their crimes require

CHARLOTTE, NC, November 14, 2023–(BUSINESS WIRE)–In direct response to the global increase in Internet-based crime1 responsible for billions of dollars in losses and severe emotional consequences for people around the world, a new non-profit organization has been formed to seek justice for the victims of these crimes: Intelligence for Good.

Founded by Gary Warner, Robin Pugh and Ronnie Tokazowski, Intelligence for Good aims to make the internet a safer place for everyone and to ensure that criminals are not only brought to justice but fear the consequences of defrauding innocent people. To achieve this, Intelligence for Good leverages data collected from victims, industry and open sources to conduct analysis and investigations that will uncover the individuals and networks behind these crimes and provide legal teams with the information necessary to pursue cases against them.

“Most victims of Internet-based crime suffer without hope of recovery or justice, facing devastating financial and emotional loss. The Intelligence for Good team is dedicated to writing the end of these stories and preventing others from falling victim to these scams,” said Pugh, executive director of Intelligence for Good and CEO of DarkTower. “We’re building a sustainable ecosystem of justice that listens to the voices of victims, examines how these crimes operate, trains cybercrime intelligence analysts and lawyers with an investigative mindset, and works against disruptions in law enforcement consultation.”

Intelligence for Good focuses on the following initiatives:

  • Identify criminal typologies and new techniques used to commit fraud, ranging from romance and cryptocurrency fraud to identity theft and call center fraud.

  • To provide legal teams with the resources needed to identify the appropriate pathway for either civil or criminal prosecution, prepare and expedite the prosecution of offenders to ensure that all options for disruption and recovery are pursued.

  • Supplementing the efforts of law enforcement and the judiciary – which are underpowered to deal with the volume of crimes committed against individual citizens – with additional investigative resources.

  • Connecting victims to respected resources for support and recovery so they know they are not alone and can provide valuable information that will contribute to justice.

There are many factors that make online fraud difficult to solve, including the siled reporting of individual crimes that one agency does not share with another, and law enforcement jurisdictional challenges with many of these crimes crossing state and international borders. Intelligence for Good serves as a resource to connect the dots between individual victims and the groups behind these targeted attacks, revealing the full scale and interconnected impact of these criminal networks.

Warner, who serves as director of intelligence at both Intelligence for Good and DarkTower, adds, “Most of these crimes have no ‘natural predator,’ meaning they can be carried out with virtually no risk to the perpetrator. The social media platforms and dating apps are used to facilitating these crimes has no incentive to remove fraudulent profiles, especially when the total number of user accounts contributes to a site’s revenue performance and is linked to their shareholder value.At Intelligence for Good, we do not believe it is acceptable for criminals to not be afraid to get caught, and as such step in to stop these fraudsters.”

Intelligence for Good expands on the work of proprietary social media analytics tools created by Warner, and the data collection of a 500+ member Business Email Compromise (BEC) Working Group started by Tokazowski over a decade ago. Today, this includes terabytes of data on terrorist/extremist groups, cyber and financial criminals, human traffickers, transnational organized crime groups, BEC attacks and mule accounts exploited to cash out, as well as data contributed by victims, non-profit organizations, banks and other businesses on a variety of Internet-enabled crimes.

With a framework in place to effectively collect, preserve and analyze this data in order to identify criminals and their networks, Intelligence for Good can identify new websites, emerging methods and techniques used to commit fraud. Through social network analysis, many of these fraudsters can have true identities revealed and networks of fake or bot accounts exposed. To further validate their work, Intelligence for Good was named the winner of a Gula Tech Foundation grant competition in October 2023 to support the Disruptive Threat Actor Pillar of the National Cyber ​​Security Strategy.

Intelligence for Good also actively reviews and collaborates with organizations that are well trained and able to provide direct support to victims. Crime victims will be referred to these partners for support, and these partners will return critical data to Intelligence for Good for further analysis and investigation. If you or someone you know has been the victim of an Internet-based crime, contact us here.


About Intelligence for Good

Intelligence for Good, a non-profit organization, seeks justice for victims of Internet-based crimes such as romance scams, cryptocurrency scams and call center scams. Through data collection, analysis and investigations, Intelligence for Good identifies crime typology and new techniques used to commit fraud; provides legal teams with the resources needed to prepare and expedite the prosecution of criminals; complements the efforts of law enforcement agencies and the judiciary which are inferior in dealing with the volume of crimes committed against individual citizens. and connects victims to respected resources for support and recovery.

Intelligence for Good is dedicated to equipping the next generation of cybercrime fighters, intelligence analysts and investigative lawyers with the skills necessary to deal with today’s digital cybercrime landscape. Built on over a decade of research and intelligence on specific fraud and fraudsters, and using proprietary analytics tools, Intelligence for Good fights crimes that are not natural predators and produces results for victims. For more information or to report an unsolved crime, visit

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