By | November 15, 2023
AirPods (3rd generation) with...

iOS 18 won’t be like recent iPhone software updates, according to insiders familiar with Apple’s plans for next year’s big release. Lately, we’ve had relatively uneventful updates, marked by this year’s iOS 17 release. Sure, there were some significant changes in that update, but you wouldn’t call iOS 17 a major overhaul — more like a tweak that resulted in some new and improved features.

That’s not the approach Apple is taking with iOS 18, according to insiders familiar with the company’s plans for the next phone update cycle. No less an authority than Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman calls the iOS 18 update “even more critical than usual.” That’s because hardware updates for the iPhone 16 may not be as notable as what Apple introduced with this year’s iPhone 15 models, which included an upgraded main camera for the entry-level phone and a new titanium design and more powerful chipset for the iPhone 15 Pro models.

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