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Quantum Computing Inc. achieves milestone with first sale of reservoir computer and Quantum Random Number Generator

Quantum Computing Inc.’s partners Assured Cyber ​​​​Protection Ltd and millionways order Reservoir Computers and Quantum Random Number Generator to enhance their AI capabilities.

LEESBURG, Va., 31 October 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Quantum Computing Inc. (“QCi” or the “Company”) (Nasdaq: QUBT), an innovative company in quantum optics and nanophotonic technology, announced a milestone in its quest to bring breakthrough quantum solutions to market. The company has secured multiple hardware sales of its state-of-the-art reservoir computer and Quantum Random Number Generator to Assured Cyber ​​​​Protection Ltd and AI company Millions, starting the commercial delivery of its computing technology.

The QCi Reservoir Computer, a first-to-market portable reservoir computing device with technology inspired by the power of quantum mechanics, can perform complex computational tasks with unprecedented speed and efficiency to facilitate data analysis, machine learning and artificial intelligence. Its minimal size, weight, power and cost factors make it particularly suitable for use as an edge computing tool. QCi’s Reservoir Computer uses the company’s proprietary capabilities to create a small footprint hardware device that requires 80% to 95% less power than traditional computers. The QCi Reservoir Computer series leverages the company’s unique skills and expertise in both analog and digital design, resulting in an innovative piece of technology that interfaces seamlessly with a host machine via an Ethernet connection, enabling smooth communication and hassle-free submission. The Reservoir Computer, available now, is QCi’s first major step toward building a hardware-based, Quantum Reservoir Computer to be released in 2024.

In addition, the Quantum Random Number Generator (QRNG) developed by QCi has attracted interest from organizations that require true randomness for applications in cryptography, secure communications, and data encryption. With quantum-level entropy, QCi’s solution ensures the highest level of security for digital communication and data protection. QCi’s QRNG offers a unique feature that can provide random number sequences and follow arbitrary statistical properties customized by end users. This new feature not only improves various AI applications and security protocols, but also supports financial modeling applications such as Monte Carlo simulations.

European-based Assured Cyber ​​​​Protection Ltd (“Recyber”), a cyber security company that combines automation, artificial intelligence and advanced technology to reduce a company’s cyber security risk, has been at the forefront of defending digital assets against constantly evolving threats. By integrating QCi’s reservoir computer and QRNG into their security algorithms, Recyber aims to improve its ability to detect and respond to cyber attacks in real time, staying ahead of cybercriminals in this ever-changing landscape.

million ways, one New York City based technology company, is a leader in the development of AI algorithms used to efficiently provide rapid turnaround analysis and next-generation feedback to users about their emotional IQ and personality insights based on various forms of user-generated text or audio-to-text data. Unlike other machine learning platforms such as ChatGPT, Alexa or Siri, millionway’s proprietary methodology makes behavioral predictions that have clear applications to generate the most informed decision where social interactions drive behavioral outcomes. The addition of QCi’s Reservoir Computer to millionway’s assessment process is expected to significantly increase the efficiency of machine learning, especially when assessing audio files, dramatically reduce power consumption and significantly speed up training. Ultimately, quantum-enhanced AI technologies will enable millions of ways to provide even more accurate, personalized recommendations to their users, improving the overall user experience and increasing customer satisfaction.

Robert Liscouski, CEO and co-founder of Quantum Computing Inc. said, “Recyber, a leading cybersecurity company, and millionways, a pioneer in AI-powered decision-making platforms, are well positioned to meaningfully benefit from QCi technologies. These innovative tools will enable them to effectively address complex problems and challenges in their respective industries, pushing the boundaries of AI and cybersecurity capabilities.The versatile application of our reservoir computer to the cybersecurity and human behavior AI domains is exactly where we believe there will be a major opportunity for these types of technologies. Likewise, our QRNG device, a truly unique random number generator on the market, will meet immediate security requirements for key distribution.” Liscouski added, “We believe that quantum computing will drive the next era of technological advancement, especially in the world of cybersecurity, and we are excited to be at the forefront of this revolution. Although QCi is small, we currently have a large We are working hard for to become a leader in quantum innovation and quantum solutions that bring real value to business and government markets today.”

Mitch ScherrCEO and co-founder of Recyber, commented on its purchase of four QCi Reservoir Computers and a QRNG, “Cybersecurity requires constant innovation. QCi’s quantum-enhanced technologies will strengthen our efforts to protect sensitive data and protect our company and its customers from evolving threats. Recyber and QCi offers game-changing cyber security assessment, remediation and unparalleled protection. QCi’s Reservator combined with Recyber’s AI technology will enable Recyber to provide solutions that protect clients and their boards from the growing cyber threat in the market today. Our unique cyber behavior analysis will be able scaled to small and large businesses to better protect businesses from exploitation due to poor cyber hygiene and insider threats. We began our collaborative relationship with QCi just over a month ago and, based on early customer feedback, expect a very productive future together.”

QCi’s efforts to build quantum reservoir computers are expected to bring quantum capabilities to artificial intelligence and greatly increase the speed and efficiency of AI while significantly reducing power consumption compared to power-hungry classical computers. QCi is engaged in ongoing research and development to further improve its quantum solutions and expand its product offering. The company’s long-term vision is to democratize quantum information and sensing technologies, making them accessible and practical for businesses and researchers around the world.

For further information on the company’s suite of solutions, please visit our website or contact our team directly.

About Quantum Computing Inc. (QCi)

Quantum Computing Inc. (QCi) (Nasdaq: QUBT) is an innovative quantum optics and nanophotonics company with a mission to accelerate the value of quantum computing for real-world business solutions, delivering the future of quantum computing today. The company provides accessible and affordable solutions with real industrial applications, using nanophotonic based quantum entropy that can be used anywhere and with little or no training, operates at normal room temperatures, low power and is not burdened with unique environmental requirements. QCi has competitive advantages and delivers its quantum solutions with higher speed, accuracy and security at lower cost. QCi’s core nanophoton-based technology is applicable to both quantum computing as well as quantum intelligence, cybersecurity, sensing and imaging solutions, giving QCi a unique position in the market. QCi’s core entropy computation capability, the Dirac series, delivers solutions for both binary and integer-based optimization problems with over 11,000 qubits for binary problems and over 1,000 (n=64) qubits for integer-based problems, each the highest number of variables and problem size that are available in quantum computing today. Using the company’s core quantum methodology, QCi has developed specific quantum applications for AI, cybersecurity and remote sensing, including its Reservoir Photonic Computer series (intelligence), Reprogrammable and Non-Repeatable Quantum Random Number Generator (cybersecurity), and LiDAR and Vibrometer (sensing) products. For more information about QCi, visit

About Qi Solutions (QIS)

Qi Solutions, a wholly owned subsidiary of Quantum Computing Inc., is a provider of quantum technology solutions and services to the government and defense industries. With a team of qualified and approved personnel, QIS delivers a range of solutions from entropy quantum computing to quantum communication and sensing, backed by expertise in logistics, manufacturing, R&D and training. The company is exclusively focused on delivering customized solutions for partners within various government departments and agencies.

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