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Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 battery

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 is easily one of the best smartwatches you can buy, even if it’s not a dramatic improvement over its predecessor. While it’s still more than half a year before we get newer watch hardware, I’d love to see Samsung make some bolder moves in 2024 with the next Galaxy Watch. There are certainly more than a few things on my Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 wish list, so let’s jump right in.

Multi-day battery life should be easier to achieve

Kaitlyn Cimino / Android Authority

The latest Galaxy Watch 6 (and Watch 6 Classic) offers about 30 hours of battery life when using the watch’s advanced sensors and features regularly, allowing for about a day and a half of use before needing a charge. Disabling most of the health sensors and some other features can extend the battery life to a few days, although this comes at the cost of a significantly reduced experience.

What’s worse is that the Samsung Watch 6 actually has a lower battery life than its predecessor. I really want to see Samsung change directions here. If Samsung can improve processor efficiency, it wouldn’t even require a massive increase in size or weight. Ultimately, the Galaxy Watch would better differentiate itself from the competition by consistently providing at least 36-48 hours of battery life for the average user without having to turn off many of the best features to get there.

Sensor data needs major improvements

A face-down Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 shows off its sensor package.

Kaitlyn Cimino / Android Authority

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 is a great smartwatch, but its health and fitness features could use some work. Specifically, I focus on the accuracy of its sensors. As mentioned in our Galaxy Watch 6 review, the heart rate data on the Watch 6 is extremely inconsistent. The same goes for GPS accuracy in runs and other activities. While it can be reasonably accurate in many neighborhoods, it sometimes produces wonky and unexpected results.

Samsung needs to focus on improving its sensor accuracy. A bigger push of health features could attract fans who are interested in Samsung’s watch but find its health features lacking compared to Garmin watches, Fitbit or the Apple Watch.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 needs a variant with more storage space

It’s time for Samsung to embrace a 32GB storage variant, or simply upgrade its storage across the board on all models. The Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 lags behind the competition in terms of space for apps, music, watch faces and other files. There’s only 16GB on all models, and it’s been that way for a few generations now. For perspective, the Pixel Watch 2 and Apple Watch Series 9 both offer 32GB of storage.

Improve support for non-Samsung Android phones

A Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 shows the new sleep mode screen.

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Samsung prioritizes its Galaxy phones over other Android devices, which isn’t too surprising, but it’s something I’d like to see change. The Galaxy Watch is easily one of the best, if not the very best, Android watches for generalist users, so Samsung shouldn’t limit its appeal.

What kind of features are currently not available to non-Samsung phone owners? There are three main features exclusive to Samsung phone owners: ECG readings on demand, blood pressure detection and irregular heart rate notifications. To use these advanced features, you need the Samsung Health Monitor app, which is not available outside of the Galaxy Store on Samsung phones and tablets.

Samsung should embrace more playful colors for the Pro

Pixel Watch 2 vs Galaxy Watch 6

Kaitlyn Cimino / Android Authority

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 and Pixel Watch 2 are basically the gold standard products for Wear OS, thanks in large part to their decent features and mainstream appeal. While the Pixel Watch 2 and Galaxy Watch 6 come in some fun colors, the same can’t be said for the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro. I’d like to see that change with the Galaxy Watch 7 Pro (or maybe it’ll be the Galaxy Watch 6 Pro?). Instead of just offering black and silver or black and gray. Give us a pop of color!

How likely is it that we’ll get a Pro model with the next Galaxy Watch 7? Very confident, in fact. For those unaware, following the return of the Classic line, Samsung previously confirmed that it would rotate out the Classic and Pro each year going forward. We saw a Galaxy Watch 6 Classic this year, so next year we’ll be waiting for a Pro variant again.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 wish list: What do you want to see?

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Will there be a Samsung Galaxy Watch 7?

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 review

Kaitlyn Cimino / Android Authority

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6

  • Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 — August 11, 2023
  • Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 — August 26, 2022
  • Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 — August 27, 2021

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 has proven to be a success for the company and is the latest addition to an extensive line of previous smartwatches, spanning multiple lines outside of the current Galaxy Watch brand. In other words, yes, there will definitely be a Samsung Galaxy Watch 7.

Beyond anticipation, there is compelling evidence to suggest that the Watch 7 is currently in development. A rumor in October indicated that the Watch 7 will feature a new 3nm chipset, marking an improvement over the 5nm Exynos W930 used in the current model. Admittedly, it’s a shaky rumor and an early one, so we wouldn’t necessarily trust it. Still, it’s clear that the Galaxy Watch 7 is at least popular enough to attract leaks, which bodes well for its chances of getting another model.

Regarding the potential launch date of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 7? Based on the company’s historical pattern, it will likely be unveiled in August 2024 unless the company makes a dramatic change in its plans.

Should you wait for the Samsung Galaxy Watch 7?

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Wear OS 4

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If you’re in the market for a good smartwatch, there’s really no reason to wait for the Galaxy Watch 7. The Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 and 6 Classic have been available for just under four months and still offer a robust set of features and plenty of future software support. Despite minor issues with sensor accuracy, they appear to be excellent smartwatches overall.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6Samsung Galaxy Watch 6
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Samsung Galaxy Watch 6

Bigger, brighter AMOLED screen • Snappy Wear OS 4 software experience • Sporty yet tasteful aesthetics

Bigger and better.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 brings the best of Wear OS 4 and Samsung’s smartwatch capabilities to the table. A large screen and a full Samsung Wallet app make the Watch 6 a powerful stand-alone device, while integration with Samsung phones makes the Watch 6 a valuable part of your Galaxy ecosystem.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 ClassicSamsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic
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Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic

The rotating bezel is back • Sleek design and build materials • Ships with Wear OS 4

The rotating crown is back

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic rocks a rotating bezel! Better equipped than the base Galaxy Watch 6, the Classic model is a powerful watch with updated activity tracking, improved health features and the full Samsung Wallet app for your mobile payments.

Alternatively, if you’re open to exploring beyond the Galaxy ecosystem, there are several impressive smartwatches to consider, such as the Google Pixel Watch 2 ($349.99 at Amazon) or the Garmin Venu 3 ($449.99 at Amazon). While the latest Apple Watch ($389.99 at Amazon) is a top recommendation, it’s worth noting that it’s only a viable option if you’re considering switching to an iPhone, as Apple’s smartwatch doesn’t support Android.

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