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This is the first Android Smartwatch I’m willing to sleep with

As Aaliyah sang in her 2000 hit, “Try again,” “If at first you don’t succeed, Ohdust yourself off and try again.” Google did. It went back to the drawing board, scrapping everything but the appearance of Pixel Watchand made one better Pixel…Read More »

Amazon shows off new satellite internet antennas as it takes on SpaceX’s Starlink

Amazon unveiled a trio of satellite antennas as the company prepares to take on SpaceX’s Starlink with its own Project Kuiper internet network. The tech giant will offer a standard, ultra-compact and professional version of its antennas, with speeds ranging from around…Read More »

We finally have proof that the internet is worse

Updated at 11:45 a.m. ET on October 7, 2023 Living online means you never really understand what’s happening to you at any given moment. Why these search results? Why this product recommendation? There is a feeling – often justified, sometimes conspiratorial –…Read More »