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Mobile app for e-filing and judge panel and many more…Kerala High Court to launch various IT applications, e-initiatives today

The Kerala High Court will launch various IT applications and e-initiatives today (November 15, 2023), at 4:40 PM in the court’s banquet hall. The e-initiatives, along with a short video on “Evolution and progress of the Case Management System (CMS)” are to…Read More »

Realizing the potential of quantum computing applications

Professor Robert Wille of the Technical University of Munich and the Software Competence Center Hagenberg discusses when quantum computing applications and knowledge are required – and when not Quantum computing is a rapidly developing research domain with enormous advances in hardware and…Read More »

A simple superconducting device can dramatically reduce energy use in computing, other applications

MIT researchers and their colleagues have created a simple superconducting device that can transmit current through electronic devices much more efficiently than is possible today. As a result, the new diode, a kind of switch, can dramatically reduce the amount of energy…Read More »