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Quantum Computing is coming, and it’s reinventing the tech industry

getty Key takeaways Quantum computing has seen major breakthroughs in recent years. This technology can produce computers that calculate at incredibly high speeds compared to ordinary machines. Quantum computing technology will impact everything from cryptography to medicine to finance. Quantum computing is…Read More »

CLUSSTER the first French cloud initiative for academic and industrial research in artificial intelligence

THE CLUSTER1 The project aims to strengthen the French and European cloud industry by creating a cloud dedicated to artificial intelligence, high-performance computing and quantum computing. As a single entry point, the CLUSSTER project will bring together a range of digital resources…Read More »

Solving previously intractable problems: A new type of analog quantum computer

Analog quantum computers are a type of quantum computer that work with continuous variables, such as the amplitude and phase of a quantum wave function, to perform calculations. Physicists have created a new type of analog quantum computer that can handle challenging…Read More »

Realizing the potential of quantum computing applications

Professor Robert Wille of the Technical University of Munich and the Software Competence Center Hagenberg discusses when quantum computing applications and knowledge are required – and when not Quantum computing is a rapidly developing research domain with enormous advances in hardware and…Read More »

NVIDIA Grace Hopper Superchip powers JUPITER and defines a new class of supercomputers to power AI for scientific discovery

NVIDIA NVIDIA GH200 marks a new era in supercomputing to tackle grand challenges in materials science, climate research, drug discovery and more JUPITER Supercomputer JUPITER marks the debut of a quad NVIDIA GH200 Grace Hopper Superchip node configuration. DENVER, Nov. 13, 2023…Read More »