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Xanadu hardware CTO shares views on why silicon photonics is the future of quantum computing

Xanadus X8 photonic quantum computing chip. Credit: Xanadu Silicon photonics (SiPh), the manufacturing of integrated photonics on the CMOS platform, has been a buzzword for the past two years, given the technology’s promising opportunity to deliver a faster, safer and more efficient…Read More »

Equinix and Alice & Bob are partnering to help businesses in the UAE enter the quantum computing era

Dubai, UAE – Equinix, Inc. (Nasdaq: EQIX), the world’s digital infrastructure company, today announced its collaboration with Alice & Bob, a leading quantum computing company developing one of the most reliable quantum processors on the market. Through the collaboration with Alice &…Read More »

Quantum Computing is coming, and it’s reinventing the tech industry

getty Key takeaways Quantum computing has seen major breakthroughs in recent years. This technology can produce computers that calculate at incredibly high speeds compared to ordinary machines. Quantum computing technology will impact everything from cryptography to medicine to finance. Quantum computing is…Read More »