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Quantum Computing is coming, and it’s reinventing the tech industry

getty Key takeaways Quantum computing has seen major breakthroughs in recent years. This technology can produce computers that calculate at incredibly high speeds compared to ordinary machines. Quantum computing technology will impact everything from cryptography to medicine to finance. Quantum computing is…Read More »

Alberta latest province to bring Starlink high-speed internet to some rural areas | Globalnews.ca

The Alberta government is joining other provinces in helping Canadians get high-speed internet from Starlink – a low-orbit satellite internet service by Elon Musk’s company SpaceX. The province announced Thursday it will provide hardware rebates for Albertans living in two remote areas…Read More »

Banking on the Edge: 3 Ways Edge Computing Supercharges BFSI Operations

Imagine a box sitting in the middle of an open field, with nothing around it. Your job is to go to the box, touch the top of it and go back. Simple. One day you see a small tree growing between you…Read More »

Payments app Zelle begins fraud refunds after pressure from Washington

Nov 13 (Reuters) – Banks on payments app Zelle have started refunding fraud victims to address consumer protection concerns raised by U.S. lawmakers and the federal consumer watchdog, in a major policy change. The 2,100 financial firms on Zelle, a peer-to-peer network…Read More »

Whirlwind Tech: The Future of Energy-Efficient Spintronics Computing

Spintronics is a promising approach to computing that uses the intrinsic angular momentum of electrons to process information, which could make computers faster and more energy efficient. Scientists have experimented with magnetic vortices, or skyrmions, and recently increased their diffusion rate tenfold…Read More »