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I Had a Blast Playing ‘Squid Game Virtuals’ in a VR Arcade – But Here’s Why I Probably Won’t Be Back

Groups of up to six people can play different games in Sandbox VR arcade locations around the world. (Sandbox VR Photo) After years of hype, virtual reality still hasn’t reached mainstream consumer adoption. But it helped my group of friends have tons…Read More »

Prestige XR: Xydrobe + Dr. Barbara Sturm’s Immersive Beauty Odyssey

Sturm’s “haute health & beauty” immersive XR odyssey Katie Baron While not without some laudable adventures (see Samsung’s “space as an interface” ARAR project Dreamground), phygital retail – brand experiences where the physical and digital worlds intersect – has notoriously been weakened…Read More »

Will work be people’s first exposure to VR? | Digital trends

There was much hope in the mid-2010s that virtual reality would take off and become the next big thing in home entertainment. Many brands invested in VR headsets that would connect to PCs and game consoles to take users seamlessly from a…Read More »