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  • If Gmail doesn’t suit your needs, there are several alternative email apps available on Android, such as Spark, Microsoft Outlook, and Edison Mail.
  • These apps offer various features such as multi-inbox management, enhanced security, collaboration tools and customizable interfaces.
  • Consider your specific requirements, such as privacy concerns or the need for seamless integration with other apps, when choosing an email app that works best for you.

Android phones come with Gmail as the integrated email system. While Gmail is a powerful email app that offers valuable tools for managing your inbox, sometimes it just isn’t the right fit for your needs. It has quirks, like only showing 50 emails at a time. If you need something other than Gmail, it’s time to head to the Play Store to find an email app that suits you.

Whether you need help managing multiple inboxes, need something more secure, or want accessibility features like junk filters and one-tap unsubscribe buttons, there’s an app for that. These apps available on Android cover several needs. Many of these are also ChromeOS compatible, meaning you can switch between your phone and the new Chromebook you scored.

1 Spark


Spark is one of the most popular Mac apps thanks to its ease of use and advanced features. This app works with all email providers and supports multiple accounts. It also automatically categorizes emails so you can focus on the ones that matter. Spark is also compatible with Windows PCs, Macs, and Chromebooks.

Some of Spark’s notable features are collaborating on messages with your colleagues and discussing emails privately within your team, which is useful if you manage professional communications through Spark. For added privacy, protect your messages with a passkey or your fingerprint, which can be useful if you receive confidential emails. Some premium features require a subscription. Spark’s premium subscription is $59.99 per year or $7.99 per month.

3 Microsoft Outlook

For people who often work with Microsoft products, Outlook is a perfect choice. It offers a similar interface to the desktop app and integrates with other Office apps, including Word, Excel and PowerPoint, making it easy to share projects. Like most email apps, it offers a priority mailbox called Focused and a dark mode.

Outlook is integrated into the Microsoft ecosystem, meaning you can switch between apps like Word or Teams with minimal effort. It’s a great way to bypass the Google ecosystem. Outlook includes many handy features, such as identifying events from your emails and adding them to your calendar.

4 Edison Mail

5 Edison Mail's one-touch

Edison Mail aims to make email management simple and intuitive. The app has a smart assistant to remind you of important events and templates to speed up writing emails. It includes smart features like price alerts, which track the products you buy and let you know when one drops in price.

Spam filters make Edison Mail stand out. The app automatically blocks email tracking pixels, so information about how you access emails remains private. It also offers a single unsubscribe button, so you don’t spend time clicking on each sender’s unsubscribe link. Edison Mail is free to use. For their premium subscription, which offers a “more advanced email experience,” you pay $14.99 per month or $99.99 per year.

6 Spike email

Spike is built with an interface similar to instant messaging apps. It combines email, live chat and collaboration tools in one app. Far from overwhelming, switching from live chat to email to editing documents is a seamless process. Spike offers AI features like “Magic Compose” and “Magic Reply”, so you’ll spend less time formatting and writing emails.

Spike is the perfect email app if you get frustrated with switching between email and chat when collaborating with colleagues. The desktop app for Windows and Mac offers the same features, so you can access your email from any device.

7 Boxer

Boxer is a highly customizable email app that helps you quickly manage your emails. It includes features like mass actions, quick replies, custom swipe gestures, and calendar integration. Once set up, it’s quick and easy to sort through your inbox daily.

Boxer’s calendar integration lets you share your availability with others and join conference calls with a few taps. It’s an ideal choice if you’re constantly juggling a large volume of work emails. However, it can be a little overwhelming, and the user interface is messy.

8 ProtonMail

Privacy is becoming a growing concern, so consider encrypting your email communications. ProtonMail does that, making it virtually impossible for anyone but the sender and recipient to read messages. It is developed by the same team behind Proton VPN, one of the best VPN apps for Android.

Depending on what you need, ProtonMail can be cumbersome, as you have to switch email providers and limit yourself to this app. However, it’s the most secure option out there, so the lack of convenience is worth it if you’re worried about privacy.

9 FairEmail

FairEmail is an open source email app that improves your email privacy. It opens all emails in Safe View, which removes trackers from received emails, so your email activity cannot be tracked. This means that styling and scripting are removed, so there is the benefit of improved readability. FairEmail has zero ads, analytics or tracking software. You can feel comfortable knowing that your emails are private.

Most of the best features, like scheduled messages and templates, are locked behind a paywall. If you’re going to pay for an email app, this is your best bet, because all the money goes into maintenance and development.

10 Blue Mail

Blue Mail is a beautiful email app with intuitive user interface and nice navigation. It’s not just looks. Blue Mail has lots of advanced features to help you manage your emails. People Toggle is a unique way to view your inbox that filters out anything that hasn’t been sent by a real person. This removes the majority of email clutter with a single tap.

Blue Mail includes smart features like automatic categories, clusters, and customizable notifications. It is ideal for power users who get frustrated while sorting through junk for their important emails. They also offer a premium membership, BlueMail Plus, which includes features like themes and their GEM AI assistant, for $69.99 per year or $6.99 per month.

Choose an email app that works for you

While Gmail is a popular choice, it’s not the best inbox for everyone. If you’re looking for an email app to filter out spam or streamline conversations, trying one of the options above might be your best bet. While Google’s ecosystem can be convenient, you might want to try an Android browser alternative to Chrome for a customized browsing experience. If you like your Gmail app but are having problems, read our guide on how to fix the most common Gmail problems.

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