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The best VR games to share with your family this Thanksgiving

Food coma is fast approaching, but you probably still have a few Americans to entertain on this holiest of holy holidays. What better way to liven up the post-Turkey Day frivolities than to put your brand new VR headset on one or three?

Remember: some of the best results we’ve had over the years tend to be with very noob-friendly games and apps. Your Thanksgiving Day guests probably won’t have enough time (or inclination) to learn complex mechanics, and keeping things quick and simple is usually the way to go to ensure that everyone not only gets involved, but doesn’t have to wait around. a bunch either.

Above all, one of the best ways to get everyone staring is to make sure you can see the action on a TV screen or monitor, which you can easily do with any headset. It’s pretty easy on SteamVR and PSVR 2 since you already have a monitor/TV connected. For Quest, you can mirror your view to your Meta App-connected phone, or cast to a smart TV.

Now let the arm swing and the necessary safety information begin!

Beat Saber

  • What: This incredibly addictive and easy-to-pick-up game is one of the best starting points for VR racers, but has enough depth to appeal to everyone along the way in the professional VR player skill tree.
  • WHO: Everyone will want to get up at least for one song to cut blocks to the beat. Thankfully, there are plenty of difficulty settings to satisfy even the most musically uninterested.
  • How long: 5 – 15 minutes per person
  • Why: Most songs last around five minutes, but you’re bound to encounter failures along the way, and even family members who just can’t help themselves to another song for a second.
  • Platforms: Quest 2/3/Pro, PSVR/2, PC VR

Store links: Meta Store (Quest, Rift), PlayStation Store, Steam

Pistol whip

  • What: Like Beat Saber in Addictive, but instead of slicing blocks to the beat, you’re shooting guys John Wick style. It’s all very stylized, so there probably won’t be much, if any, beading.
  • WHO: Older children, teenagers and adults of all ages.
  • How long: 5 – 10 minutes per person
  • Why: Like Beat Saber, most songs (called “scenes”) last about five minutes. Remember to lower the difficulty to easy so that most people make it to the end of the level.
  • Platforms: Quest 2/3/Pro, PSVR/2, PC VR

Store links: Meta Store (Quest, Rift), PlayStation Store, Steam

CREED: Rise to Glory

  • What: CREED: Rise to Glory (2018) is a polished arcade boxing game that puts you in the shoes of Adonis Creed, the protagonist of CREED (2016) and CREED II (2018). Punch, punch, punch, block and dodge.
  • WHO: All with some caveats. Make sure your family member is physically fit enough to handle a full game, and kids may have trouble hitting their much higher goals.
  • How long: 5 – 10 minutes
  • Why: Freeplay matches against the AI ​​can last anywhere from 2 – 5 minutes, but depending on how much fun everyone is having, this can be a good opportunity to let your family members really show off their ducking and punching skills for a few sessions.
  • Platforms: Quest 2/3/Pro, PSVR/2, PC VR

Store links: Meta Store (Quest, Rift), PlayStation Store, Steam


  • What: This room scale is a free-to-play shooter that puts you in a ring to go 1v1, giving you multiple weapons to shoot and dodge. While online matches are great for experienced players, head into the single player mode for faster and easier human vs. AI action. Also, if you have two headsets, you can set up 1v1 duels!
  • WHO: Everyone will want a turn, as they see you grab weapons and Matrix-dive out of the way of oncoming bullets.
  • How long: 5 – 10 minutes
  • Why: Individual matches can be less than 5 minutes, although you may want to spend more time with each player as they quickly build expertise with the game’s various weapons.
  • Platforms: Quest 2/3/Pro, PC VR

Store links: Meta Store, Steam

Angry Birds VR: Isle of Pigs

  • What: This VR version of the popular mobile game Angry birds is exactly what it says on the tin, putting the slingshot in your hand to take the fight to the evil pigs, hiding in increasingly elaborate wooden structures.
  • WHO: Everyone should find this one an easy pick; it’s super easy and super fun to break blocks and knock stuff down. Serious brand awareness should also perk up an ear or two in the older crowd.
  • How long: under 5 minutes
  • Why: It’s easy to get lost in this one, as you trudge on to harder levels, or continuously retry a level to get the best score. Pass this around the room quickly and keep the masses snacking.
  • Platforms: Quest 2/3/Pro, PSVR/2, PC VR

Store links: Meta Store (Quest, Rift), PlayStation Store, Steam

Puzzling places

  • What: Puzzling Places brings relaxing and healthy 3D puzzles to VR, allowing you to piece together hyper-realistic miniatures of beautiful places from around the world.
  • WHO: Everyone. While it doesn’t have a ton of crowd-pleasing wow factor, this one is perfect for quieter moments where you want to show off how “cool” VR can be, especially for older family members.
  • How long: under 5 minutes
  • Why: Keep the difficulty low to get people through quickly enough
  • Platforms: Quest 2/3/Pro, PSVR/2

Store links: Meta Store, PlayStation Store

Wooworld (Quest)

  • What: It’s like Google Earth for Quest. Browse an immersive, 360 Street View photosphere or look down at a toy map of 3D cities. It’s social, but you can also do private single player sessions so people don’t have to deal with multiplayer.
  • WHO: Everyone. We’ve all had places from our past that we either don’t have or physically can’t return to. This will give you and your loved ones a trip down memory lane that is sure to spark some long conversations and stories.
  • How long: 10 – 20 minutes per person
  • Why: You can easily spend hours alone visiting places, but be sure to set expectations early on that not everyone can swallow the headset. Ask someone to show you their childhood home or favorite vacation spot and move on to the next person.
  • Platforms: Quest 2/3/Pro

Store links: Meta Store

SUPERHOT VR (no support for PSVR 2)

  • What: Crazy good looking, easy to pick up and play, Superhot VR (2017) throws some time-consuming cartoon violence your family’s way that shouldn’t get too many odd looks from the older generation.
  • WHO: Younger, more game-savvy players are sure to love the concept and let them live out their dreams of being an action hero. The concept is simple and slow enough to get anyone in the mood to punch some red crystal goblins in the face.
  • How long: 5 – 10 minutes
  • Why: A single step can go quite quickly. It might be best to do a round-robin style match that lets everyone try when a player fails a level, or demote one person to two to three of the smaller sections per play.
  • Platforms: Quest 2/3/Pro, PSVR (no PSVR 2), PC VR

Store links: Meta Store (Quest, Rift), PlayStation Store, Steam

Richie’s Plank Experience (no PSVR 2)

  • What: Walk the plank! Literally! Grab a wooden board from your garage and line it up with the game’s virtual plank to really scare the bejesus out of people as they swing over dangerous heights.
  • WHO: All, with some caveats. Make sure the person is healthy enough to take a self-induced tumble. Tell the kids they can’t jump off the ledge and skydive, because… the floor.
  • How long: 5 minutes per person
  • Why: This is a classic experience that will have everyone watching and wanting to try it out for themselves, putting your VR headset at the center of attention.
  • Platforms: Quest 2/3/Pro, PSVR/2, PC VR

Store links: Meta Store (Quest, Rift), PlayStation Store, Steam

Gran Turismo (PSVR 2)

  • What: Drive fast in cars you can’t afford.
  • WHO: Older children, teenagers and adults. Although the speeds may be too fast, the driving experience is comfortable enough for most people.
  • How long: 5 minutes per person
  • Why: You can easily put someone in the corner with this one, as they move on to harder tracks, even though it’s an easy game to pass because people get the immersive feeling of driving faster than they ever have in real life.
  • Platforms: PSVR 2

Store links: PlayStation Store

Do not miss

  • Quest Intro Apps – Oculus First Contact, First Steps, and First Encounters (Quest 3) are great ways to help beginners learn more about the headset and common control schemes. Not a lot of wow factor for the crowd, but it might be just the thing for a smaller gathering of more dedicated neophytes.
  • Space Pirate Trainer Pew pew pew. It’s basically just a wave shooter, but it’s by far one of the best looking and best feeling around. Find it on Meta Store (Quest, Rift), Steam, PlayStation Store.
  • Half-Life: Alyx – It won’t be the easiest to show off, as you’ll need to have a specific safe state in mind to drop players in, but it’s hard to beat if you want to impress someone with the best-looking VR games. where. Find it on Steam.
  • Red Matter or Red Matter 2 – Again, story-based stuff with tons of instructive VR control mechanics won’t be the easiest to show off, but if you happen to have a good save mode, it can’t hurt to get a non-believer into this extremely polished adventure game. Find both on Steam, PlayStation Store, Quest and Rift.
  • Moss or Moss 2 – Try to throw the kids down in this family-friendly puzzle-platformer that will amaze you almost as much as Astro Bot. Find both on Steam, PlayStation Store, Quest and Rift.
  • Google Earth VRThis PC VR-only app is a great replacement for Woworld. Giving a loved one the opportunity to travel, especially if they are not physically able, will truly be a special moment. Travel around the sights and visit remote places you never thought you’d see again in the flesh. Find it on Steam and Rift.
  • ASTRO BOT Rescue Mission – Maybe not great for the crowd-pleasing wow factor, but after showing off some of the fan favorites above, you might park a few more of your curious family members in a chair and let them experience the best platforming PSVR has to offer. Find it on the PlayStation Store (no PSVR 2).
  • The lab – Valve’s PC VR-only collection of minigames and photogrammetry scenes isn’t quite the “future” of VR anymore, but kids and adults alike will love the app’s chatty minigames Longbow, core calibration, and Xortex. Find it on Steam.

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