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Carry Meta Quest 3

Whether you’re a new Quest 3 user or a seasoned VR pro, here’s our pick of the best Quest 3 tips and tricks to get the most out of your headset.

So you just got yourself a shiny new Meta Quest 3 and you want to get the most out of it, but you don’t know where to start. No biggie; Meta doesn’t exactly have the most comprehensive tutorial process, leaving out tons of handy features in favor of an easier setup.

But that’s where we at Trusted Reviews come in; we are heavy users of the Quest 3 headset, and after countless hours of use we know the headset inside out. Based on our usage, here’s our pick of the best tips and tricks to improve your Quest 3 experience.

Enable passthrough quickly

There’s nothing more annoying than having to rip off your headset mid-VR session to answer the door, go to the bathroom, or talk to those around you in the real world—but thankfully, with upgraded color-through cameras on the Quest 3, you can you no longer need.

Instead, you can activate passthrough mode by double-clicking the side of the headset to provide a fairly clear view of the world around you. I generally find this works better when using the controller than hand tracking, but pressing a little harder should bring it to life.

To re-enter the virtual world, simply repeat the double tap.

Switch between controls and hand tracking

Quest 3 can not only track your controls in real time; it also offers hand tracking features. But while the Quest 3 is generally pretty good at working out when you want to use hands and when controls are used—it uses sensors to detect when the controls are still on a flat surface—it doesn’t always work perfectly.

Carry Meta Quest 3
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Thankfully, there’s an easier way to switch between controller and hand-tracking modes; double-click your controls together twice to switch to hand tracking. To switch back to controls, just pick them up again.

The feature was enabled by default in our headset, but if you find it’s not working, go to Settings > Motion Tracking and enable “Double Tap Controllers for Hand-tracking”.

It’s a really small, yet useful, tip that Meta doesn’t tell you about once during the initial setup.

Take screenshots and videos

You see and do all kinds of things in VR; from cutting boxes with a lightsaber in time to music to scaling mountains and duals in a medieval square, and it can sometimes be difficult to accurately describe to friends and family.

Thankfully, you don’t actually have to. Quest 3, like its predecessors, can take both screenshots and video recordings, and these are automatically synced with the Meta Quest app on your smartphone.

Meta Quest 3 controlsMeta Quest 3 controls
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To take a screenshot, hold down the menu button on the right controller and press the right shutter button. A beep should play and you should get a notification that the screenshot has been taken.

For video, press the Menu button and hold the shutter button down for a second or two. You will see a red dot in the upper right corner to indicate that the mission is currently recording your view. When you’re done, just repeat the process to end the recording.

Force your headset to sync screenshots and videos

But what if you take your photos and videos and they don’t automatically appear in the Meta Quest app on your smartphone? It’s worth noting that syncing doesn’t start when the headset is active, so be sure to exit any apps running on the headset. It’s probably a good idea to plug it into a charging cable as well.

If your screenshots and videos are still not syncing, don’t worry.

Just put the headset back on, open the camera app, find the video/screenshot you want to sync, click the three-dot menu on the file, and tap Sync Now. They should appear on your phone momentarily, although longer videos may take a little longer to render.

Share your view on your smartphone

If you’re playing VR in a social setting, why not let your friends or family see what you’re seeing in the virtual world in real time? You can do that by casting the headset’s screen to your smartphone.

To use casting technology, you must ensure that the headset and your smartphone are on the same Wi-Fi network and that you are logged into the same Meta account on both the headset and the Meta Quest app on your smartphone.

Once everything is confirmed, just open the Meta Quest app and you should see your connected headset at the top of the page. To connect to the headset, press the Cast button.

Carry Meta Quest 3Carry Meta Quest 3
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Play SteamVR games on Quest wirelessly

If you have a gaming PC and a large library of SteamVR titles from a previous VR headset purchase, you can play them on Quest 3! While that’s always been true with Oculus Link, whether wired or wireless, a new Steam Link app on the Quest Store makes it even easier.

Download the app, log in and follow the instructions to configure the link between the headset and your PC. When you’re done, upload your favorite PCVR titles and play the day away!

Enable a smooth 120Hz refresh rate

Although the Quest 3 has a 120Hz refresh rate, it renders at 90Hz by default. It’s still smooth enough that you won’t notice any lag in VR, but hey, if the technology’s there, you might as well use it!

That said, if you want to enable a 120Hz refresh rate for even more frames and less latency, go to Settings > System > Display and turn on the ‘120Hz Refresh Rate’ toggle.

Now all apps that support 120Hz refresh rate will render at 120Hz by default. This may have a negligible effect on battery life, but nothing too drastic based on our personal use of the headset.

Extend your battery life

The Quest 3 should last about the same 2-3 hours of use as the Quest 2, but that depends on what you do with the headset. If you often run out of battery and don’t like the thought of splurging on a battery accessory for your headset, you can always activate battery saver mode.

The mode essentially reduces the brightness, resolution, and possibly the graphics output from the headset to save power and provide longer battery life.

If that sounds like a trade-off you want to make, go to Settings > System > Power and turn on the “Battery Saver” switch.

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