By | December 30, 2023
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If you are interested in the development of virtual reality and mixed reality, 2024 could be another exciting year. Some hot new headsets are about to be released, so we’ve compiled a list of some devices worth keeping an eye on.

The release of Meta Quest 3 at the end of 2023 was something of a landmark for VR, making it more accessible and affordable than ever, making it onto Dexerto’s list of the best tech products of 2023. Sony wasn’t left behind with the launch of the PSVR2 headset designed specifically for use with the PS5, although some clever modders have been working on making it PC compatible.

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Apple wasn’t keen on being left behind, however, and it was soon to launch its advanced mixed-reality headset, the Vision Pro. Apple’s strength has always been taking the latest technology and refining it to make it more user-friendly, so it will be interesting to see what Apple brings to this area.

Valve is still working to expand the reach of its hardware after the massive success of Steam Deck, and is looking to follow it up with a new VR headset. Google and Samsung are also said to be collaborating on a new VR headset, and smaller companies like Pico and Pimax also have new projects in the works.

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Here’s a list of VR and XR headsets we think deserve a look as we head into 2024.


Upcoming Virtual Reality Headset

Bigscreen Beyond VR headset

Large screen

The Bigscreen Beyond VR headset is the result of a virtual reality software maker tinkering with hardware. The headset was showcased earlier this year, confirming the price, design, specifications and key features. It is expected to start shipping in the third quarter of this year.

This virtual reality headset comes with OLED screens with a resolution of 2560 x 2560 pixels per eye with up to 90Hz refresh rate. Weighing only 127 grams, it is very compact and will cost $999.

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Once you pre-order the headset, the company will reach out for a 3D scan of your face. This is used to tailor the face cushion to the user’s shape. The headset will be shipped directly to the user when it enters the shipping stage.

The headset comes with pancake lenses that help keep it compact and light in weight. It has a 90-degree field of view and fully supports VR games on Steam. You can also enjoy movies, play games and hang out with friends in VR using Bigscreen’s app.

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Valve VR headset

Valve indexDexerto

The makers of Steam Deck are working on a successor to Valve Index. The company has confirmed that it is developing a second-generation VR headset but has not revealed any details yet.

The company feels confident about virtual reality because it has the experience to build new hardware and a game library to take advantage of the upcoming headset’s prowess.

Valve’s game library and aggressive pricing is also the reason for the success of Valve’s handheld game console. The Valve Index headset, on the other hand, was released in 2019 and despite being priced at $1000 for the entire kit, it’s doing pretty well.

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The upcoming VR headset from Valve could be an exciting gadget that can take on the headsets from Bigscreen, which looks to take advantage of Valve’s game library.

Apple Vision Pro

Apple Vision pro side view with battery holderTwitter: MarkGurman

Apple’s Vision Pro has been the talk of the town since 2016. However, the company only showed off its maiden mixed-reality headset at WWDC.

Not only has it been one of Apple’s most secretive projects recently, but it’s one of the most important products announced under Tim Cook.

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The Vision Pro will cost $3499 and go on sale around the end of the year. While we don’t have an in-depth spec sheet for the Vision Pro yet, the Vision Pro displays 23 million pixels on each lens, giving Pixel Density quality above a 4K TV on both three-element lenses.

It also features Ambient Spatial Audio, which should give users some of the highest sound quality ever experienced in a VR headset when paired with audio ray tracing.

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Project Moohan by Samsung and Google

VR headsetAI image from Microsoft

Various reports suggest that Samsung and Google, who already collaborate on Android and Wear OS, are teaming up to counter Apple. The result of the joint effort could be a powerful XR headset called Project Moohan.

Reports suggest that this Extended Reality (XR) headset may carry Samsung hardware (and branding) while Google is preparing Android XR software to power the headset. Both companies want to make an impressive headset that would take on Apple’s Vision Pro.

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But the teams at these two tech giants are reportedly frustrated by the delays and fear of making an inferior product.

On the hardware side, Google has a long list of failed AR-related products, including Google Glass, Cardboard, Daydream, Tango, and Iris, in addition to software like ARCore, Tilt Brush, and several AR Google Maps features. That’s why Samsung seems keen to take control of the project and want to make sure it sees the light of day.

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The launch date for Project Moohan is anyone’s guess at this point. However, a Korean newspaper recently reported that Samsung and Google have hit the reset button on their project and delayed the launch.

According to the outlet, Samsung now plans to use higher-resolution displays for its XR headset to match the 4K-in-each-eye (8K) displays offered by Apple Vision Pro. This could delay the headset’s launch until mid-2024.

Pico Project Swan

Pico 4 headsetPico Interactive

Pico is a smaller VR device maker owned by ByteDance. The upcoming Pico 5 was reportedly canceled in favor of an advanced mixed reality device that hopes to compete with the Apple Vision Pro.

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Little is known so far about the details of this device, except that it is being developed under the code name “Project Swan”.

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